Posted on Mar 16, 2020

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AL-Karak Castle

AL-Karak Castle Located in the governorate of Karak, in the south of Jordan at a distance of 120 kilometers from the capital Amman.
Al-Karak Castle one of the largest and most important castles of the Crusades in Jordan and the Levant,
the castle we see today essentially dates back to the 12th century, Karak has been a fortress since biblical times.
The Bible relates how the King of Israel and his allies from Judah and Edom ravaged Moab and besieged its king Mesha in the fortress of Kir Heres.
History of AL-Karak Castle
It was the Crusaders who made Al-Karak (biblical Charach Mouba) built-in 1142 by Payen le Bouteiller,
lord of Montreal and of the province of Oultre Jourdain, on the remains of earlier citadels, which date back to Nabataean times.
He made Al-Karak the new capital of the province, for its location on the King’s Highway,
where it could control all traffic from north and south and grow rich by the imposition of road-tolls.
Pagan was also Lord of Oultrejordain and Al-Karak Castle became the center of his power, replacing the weaker castle of Montreal to the south. Jordan Tour
Because of its position east of the Dead Sea, Al-Karak Castle was able to control Bedouin herders as well as the trade routes from Damascus to Egypt and Mecca.
His successors, his nephew Maurice and Philip of Milly, added towers and protected the north and south sides
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