Posted on Mar 9, 2020

Jordan Day Tour And More

The martian tents in Wadi rum
Camping out in the desert in these dome-style tents has become known as “glamping” and they are marketed as “Martian Domes”, “Star pods” or “Bubble Tents”. They aim to create an outer space experience in the vast and empty desert. Some tents have a transparent panel designed for stargazing in the clear desert sky, while others have a transparent roof. Be prepared that neither design provides much privacy but is worth it for the view.

Sun City Camp is one of the best camps in Wadi Rum. The tents are spacious and modern, and each has an en-suite bathroom. Visitors rave about the warm hospitality and service. The camp offers regular Bedouin-style tents for approximately $200 USD per night, and the Martian Domes with a transparent panel for around $300 USD per night. The rooms are equipped with beds, air conditioning/heating, a kettle with tea and coffee, a wardrobe, a small sitting area, and an en-suite bathroom. There is one main dining tent with an outdoor dining area. Meals are served buffet-style. The camp supports the Bedouin community and works with local Bedouin guides to run the desert tours.

The Martian tents in Wadi Rum make you feel like you are sleeping on Mars. It is a unique experience you are unlikely to replicate anywhere else in the world. The night reveals thousands of shimmering stars. The beds are comfortable and there is something heavenly about falling asleep in the silent desert.
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